Dagmar Dost-Nolden im Rahmen der 53. Biennale in Venedig

In der Ausstellung 'Creative Rooms' im Certosa Hotel präsentiert Dagmar Dost-Nolden ihren Beitrag "Der Tag bevor das ..." vom 04. Juni bis 22. November 2009

The Creative Rooms
a cura di Lucrezia de Domizio Durini

The conceptualization and realization of Lucrezia De Domizio Durini’s project The Creative Rooms, on the stunning and luxuriant Certosa Island, represents an intertwining of Nature and Culture in which Art transforms the topos into the fertile humus of a spiritual vitality designed to improve the entire habitat.

The Certosa Hotel is the selected location, the “Rooms” of the hotel are the creative space, the sensitivity of the promoters Giorgia Chiozzi and Sabrina Piccoli is the seed from which the idea grew, the artists are those who transform, in their respective styles, the 18 ROOMS into an atypical place of art, where culture, nature and the tranquillity of daily life find a harmonious balance.

The artists represent diverse nations, generations, and artistic pursuits. They were carefully chosen by the curator for their shared sense of “silence”, for years a guiding principle in the philosophy evident in all of Lucrezia De Domizio Durini’s work.
This Silence originates from Nature, belongs to the Spirit of Time and conveys the sensitivity of those courageous enough to contest the false semantics of everyday stereotypes.

The Creative Rooms project is a work in progress.
It is a work that takes shape over time so that each work is a crystallization of reflection and esoteric identity. The artists, each naming their room, pay tribute to the Nature of the place, providing a broad vision of the philosophy of their own artistic pursuits, and each “Room” will be named after the artist as an enduring testimony of their presence.

Gérard Georges Lemaire, the intellectual, philosopher and art critic, collaborates on the project by offering his analysis in the scientific aspects that shape the work, while architect Antonietta Grandesso is entrusted with coordinating the rapport between the practical aspects and the humanistic factors of cultural, ethical and aesthetic sensitivity. Bringing together solidarity and collaboration is therefore the cornerstone of the entire The Creative Rooms project.

The first five Rooms have been entrusted to the creativity of the artists:

Mario Bottinelli Montandon (Italy)
Double Room 2009

Gérardo Di Crola (France)
Chambre d’Or 2009

Dagmar Dost-Nolden (Germany)
Der Tag bevor das... 2009

Youngju Oh (Chorea)
Mipung 2009

Nikos Zouboulis – Titsa Grekou (Greece)
Thalatta – ΘΑΛΑΣΣΑ 2009

Into restaurant rooms at Certosa Hotel will be set up the photographic exposition Joseph Beuys and Buby Durini- Trip on the sailing boat.

The whole project presented on Certosa Island is conncted to Biennale collateral IS IT POSSIBLE? Nature and Economy Together, an exposition, curated by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini with the collaboratin Gérard Georges Lemaire, with works by artists Marco Bagnoli and Vitantonio Russo, located at Spazio Thetis, in the Arsenale area, from June 4th to November 22nd

© Frank Landgrebe